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HESCO sand trap louvers have been specifically designed to allow air flow into buildings and at the same time repel the entry of dust and sand where these elements are natural hazards. Manufactured from Pre-coated steel material the units are designed and tested to withstand the most arduous conditions over many years. Installed vertically in buildings these units provide a unique feature visually but perform an important element in ventilation design.

HESCO PRODUCTS Means Quality & reliability. 
HESCO is a well known Saudi company in existence for over 2 decades with International reputation for quality Metal insulted Sandwich panels, Cold store panels, Single skin Cladding, Decking, variety of wall & ceiling metal panels and Acoustical panels.

Our products are widely used for all types of building envelopers such as:

Aircraft hangers 

Factories, Warehouses,

Power & Desalination Plants

Shopping Complexes

Porta Cabins, Housing complexes

Cold stores, Depots


Slaughter houses, Agricultural shades

Architectural wall systems, Partitions

Floor Decking for multi-story Bldgs. 

Office Bldgs., various Roofs & Walls

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