HESCO Variwall panels have been used in prestigious jobs throughout Middle East countries and Europe. Our panel is approved by world's most reputable consultants and by the Lloyds Register of Shipping.

Variwall system is a result of years of extensive research and development coupled with 15 year of practical field experience. HESCO's variwall offers vastly improved physical characteristics, decreased limiting criteria and lower cost due to installation of high-speed production facilities.


An insulation moving air 
U-value = 0.33 W / M2 oC.

Low flame and smoke developed ratings.

Curved inside or outside corners.

Long panel length availability.

Formed angle corners.

Horizontal & Vertical application.

Long span capability.

Fast field erection time.


Width Nominal effective coverage 650 mm, 900 mm, and 1.0 meter
Thickness Minimum 55 mm, Maximum 100 mm
Length Minimum 2.0mm, Maximum 15.0 mm
Steel gauge  0.75 thick conforming to ASTM A446, Grade A 
Galvanization Hot dipped galvanized steel designation G -90 (275 gm / m2)
Flame spread  German DIN standard B1 classification (ASTM E 84 Tunnel Test Equivalent 25)
Smoke Developed German DIN Standard 53436 / 37 , Light Transmission (%) 60 rating (ASTM E 84 Tunnel Test Equivalent 450 )

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