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Our company expresses its willingness to work for a better environment, collaborative use of environmental technology throughout all aspects of its operations and is committed to protecting natural resources, and the environment. In all its activities, Insulated Roofs & Walls Industrial Co,. Ltd. ( HESCO) will continue to:

           Maintain an effective environmental management system; promote the use of safe technologies and operation practices that comply with applicable laws and regulations; and respond to emergencies to minimize adverse impacts on personnel and the environment.
           Provide sound stewardship of environmental resources through regular operation-specific environmental performance reviews and assessments; continually improve environmental performance; and address potential non-compliance.
           Set environmental policy, objectives and goals; measure progress; take corrective action when necessary; and communicate results and environmental accomplishments to company management, staff, regulators and public.
           Investigate and evaluate new practices and procedures; implement an effective pollution prevention program; minimize the generation of wastes; reduce and recycle materials; and dispose of wastes in an environmentally responsible manner.
           Ensure the responsible use of energy and water, including the adoption of innovative practices and procedures that will conserve energy and water and improve efficient use.

Our policy, as set forth and supported by all company management. The policy and objectives will be reviewed annually and updated as necessary. The management will ensure that these expectations are made clear and available to all our associates.

General Manager

Insulated Roofs & Walls Industrial Co,. Ltd.          

Date:  1     /    4    /  2012


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